This may be the most powerful business strategy you are NOT using.

Email marketing is one of the most direct and effective ways for a business or organization to communicate messages to its clientele. It allows the business to send any message it wants directly to the email inbox of its customers.

The return on investment for email marketing campaigns is unparalleled and the field has grown increasingly more sophisticated in recent years. Various email marketing platforms can help businesses manage their campaigns professionally and better understand what their individual consumers are looking for.

Although social media seems to have taken its place at the top of the advertising food chain, email marketing remains a vital method to reach your audience – especially when you combine your email and social media efforts. When you use email marketing services, you can post sign-up forms on your Facebook and Twitter pages to grow your contact list. You can also schedule posts on the most popular social media platforms and track your followers’ engagement with your posts, which helps you learn what works and what doesn’t to get your readers interested in your business.

Your efforts on social media may work one day but not the next for a variety of reasons. Social media users may move on to the next big thing in messaging, or a platform’s company could change its policies in how you communicate with your audience. Once a customer subscribes to your newsletter or emails, you’re likely to have a long-term reader. Most people do not change their email address often, and even if they do not read your email, they’re likely to see the subject line, which keeps your business’s name fresh in their minds.

Everyone loves a good deal. When you add exclusivity to the package, you can quickly develop a rapport with a reader and get a loyal customer coming back for more. Email marketing services make it easy for you to connect with your readers from the beginning and throughout your business relationship. These services allow you to set up sign-up forms that offer new customers bonuses or discounts when they agree to receive periodic emails from your business. To ensure that new customer becomes a returning customer, you can also use triggered responses to send them personalized emails on their birthday, or for milestones like being a newsletter reader or member for a year.

You’re likely to have some customers opt out of future emails. Email marketing services help you make it easy for those readers to unsubscribe through a link or button at the footer, or bottom, of every email you send them. You can then manage your unsubscribers as necessary.

We can build email campaigns and send special offers to your loyal following and increase your profits. You will be shocked to know how valuable this asset will become. Consult with us on a specialized plan to increase your profits today.